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Medicare Alternatives for Senior Dental Care

Dental needs change as we age. Once you enter your 60s, you’ll need to approach dental care in a whole new way. Not only will how you care for your […]

Does Cigna Dental Insurance Have a Waiting Period?

Your body does a pretty good job healing minor injuries such as scrapes and bruises. But dental damage is different. Minor dental problems won’t heal on their own. Instead, if […]

Cigna Dental Insurance for Seniors

Are you newly retired? If you don’t have dental coverage as part of your Medicare or retirement benefits, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Do I really need dental insurance?” The truth […]

Types of Cavity Fillings

Do you have a cavity that needs to be filled? You may be wondering about the types of fillings available and which one is right for you. To first understand […]

Difference in Root Canal Treatment for Adults and Children 

  Nobody wants to be told they need a root canal. But, even worse, nobody wants to hear that their child needs a root canal. After all, isn’t a root canal the most […]

What is an Oral Health Assessment?

  An oral health assessment helps individuals determine how likely they or their children are to develop problems like tooth decay, oral infections, or similar situations. Depending on where you live, […]

What are Endodontic Dental Treatments?

A lot of dental problems involve cavities on the outer layer of your tooth (the enamel.) But when infection creeps deeper into teeth, the inner structures require treatment as well. […]

The Smart Way to Handle Wisdom Tooth Removal

Whether you or your teen needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, this rite-of-passage procedure is unlike anything most dental patients have ever experienced in their lifetime. For individuals that […]

Will Dental Insurance Help My Ongoing Tooth Pain?

If you have chronic tooth pain, there could be a number of reasons why. Some of the top causes of oral health problems are things like cavities, dental abscesses, cracked […]

Types of Foods You Should Avoid After Getting Braces

When it comes to wearing braces, eating the right types of foods is one of the most important aspects of preventing orthodontic emergencies like broken wires or brackets falling off. […]

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