Medicare Doesn’t Pay For Most Dental Care - You Need A Plan!

Cut Your Dental Care Costs 15%-50%
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  • Save Now: join a plan now, and start saving right away. Plans activate in one business day and, unlike dental insurance, there is no waiting period before you can get the care that you need.
  • Save All Year: use your plan to save directly at the dentist, whenever you like. There are no irritating spending limits that block your access to dental care. Dental insurance limits coverage to a too-low $1,000-1,500.
  • It's So Easy: no pre-authorizations or deductibles to worry about, or reimbursement paperwork to file. You just save and smile!

Save 15%-50% at the Dentist.

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Why Pay More? Reduce Dental Bills by 15-50% with a Dental Savings Plan!

How Dental Plans Save You Money

A nationwide network of thousands of certified dentists have agreed to offer reduced rates to plan members. You can choose to see any dentist in the network, and expect an average savings of 36 percent on most commonly performed dental procedures. And you’ll save on virtually all dental care - from basic checkups and cleanings to root canals and crowns, braces and dentures, and much more. Sound too good to be true? No worries - you can join a dental savings plan with complete confidence thanks to our 30-day, no-risk money back guarantee.

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If you are thinking of getting dental insurance via a Medicare Advantage plan,
consider dental savings plans.

Dental Savings Plans
Dental Insurance

Advantages Dental Savings Plan Dental Insurance
Quick Plan Activation
No Health Restrictions
No Annual Limits
No Paperwork Hassles
No Waiting for Dental Care

About Medicare and Medicare Advantage Dental Coverage

Medicare doesn’t cover dental care, except for extremely limited exceptions such as dental treatment that is required as part of a medical procedure such as an organ transplant.

Some Medicare Advantage plans do offer dental insurance coverage as an optional add-on, but these plans have the same problems as traditional dental insurance: waiting period before you can get dental care, limits on how often you can see the dentist, low annual spending limits and maximum lifetime coverage limits that restrict coverage for more expensive treatments. As we get older, these restrictions can really interfere with our overall health and ability to enjoy life.

With a dental savings plan, there are no financial limits or restrictions. You simply use your dental savings plan to save on dental bills as often as you like, and pay the dentist directly. With a dental savings plan there are no waiting periods for any treatment included in your plan. Don’t delay, join today!

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