Kimberly Beard

General Dentistry, DDS

Routine 6 Month Check-Up In Depth Check-Up Full Mouth X-Rays Four Bitewing X-Rays Panoramic Film Adult Teeth Cleaning Child Teeth Cleaning Protective Sealant / Tooth 1 Surface Silver Filling for Primary or Permanent Tooth 1 Surface White Filling for U or L Front Tooth Single Crown - Porcelain on High Noble Metal Single Crown - Porcelain on Noble Metal Core Build-Up With Pins labial veneer (resin laminate) - chairside labial veneer (porcelain laminate) - laboratory Root Canal Treatment - Front Tooth Root Canal Treatment - Bicuspid Root Canal Treatment - Molar Bone replacement graft - retained natural tooth - first site in quadrant Perio Scaling and Root Planing (Per Quadrant) Regular Cleaning Following Periodontic Procedure Full Upper Denture add clasp to existing partial denture surgical placement of implant body: endosteal implant abutment supported cast metal crown (predominantly base metal) Implant supported crown high noble alloys Tooth Replacement Part of Permanent Bridge Single Tooth Removal - Simple Extraction Extraction - Impacted Wisdom Tooth (Soft Tissue) Extraction - Impacted Wisdom Tooth (Partial Bony) comprehensive orthodontic treatment of the transitional dentition Full Orthodontic Child Treatment (Braces) Full Orthodontic Adult Treatment (Braces) external bleaching – per arch – performed in office external bleaching - per tooth internal bleaching - per tooth Price Per Year
Average CostWITHOUT a Plan
$48.00 $87.00 $140.00 $61.00 $109.00 $84.00 $62.00 $56.00 $134.00 $154.00 $1,050.00 $995.00 $291.00 $826.00 $1,236.00 $790.00 $900.00 $1,152.00 $635.00 $268.00 $150.00 $1,475.00 $255.00 $2,000.00 $1,194.00 $1,345.00 $1,139.00 $158.00 $303.00 $390.00 $5,562.00 $5,658.00 $5,936.00 $175.00 $185.00 $269.00
Sample Discounts for Plan Members
$30.00 $50.00 $92.00 $40.00 $90.00 $59.00 $45.00 $35.00 $85.00 $96.00 $810.00 $736.00 $171.00 $179.00 $716.00 $474.00 $579.00 $793.00 $503.00 $187.00 $95.00 $1,102.00 $212.00 20% Off $368.00 $482.00 $686.00 $99.00 $246.00 $294.00 20% Off 20% Off 20% Off 20% Off $109.00 20% Off





The sample table above is a small selection of common procedures discounted by these discount dental plans and programs. Once you're a member, you will be provided with a complete fee schedule (applicable for most plans) with discounted fees for nearly every dental procedure. The procedures discounted under these plans and programs offer similar savings to the sample above. If you are looking for a specific dental procedure that is not on this sample, please contact our Customer Care Center toll-free at 844.651.6105 with the ADA Code of the procedure and we can provide the discounted fee.

Fee schedules and savings may vary by ZIP code and by Provider within a ZIP code.

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Discounted fees listed under "Routine Dental Fees", "Fillings & Crowns" and “Root Canals, Perio & Dentures” tabs are for participating General Dentists. Consult with your provider prior to beginning any treatment.

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