Seniors, Save Your Teeth With Preventive Care

Seniors, Save Your Teeth With Preventive Care


You’re in the middle of the Baby Boomer generation, and maybe even part of a “sandwich” generation…caring for aging parents, and possibly even grandchildren of your own. It seems like everyone else’s needs are coming before yours, and before you know it, your smile starts to catch up with you.

The best thing that you can do to save your teeth and prevent common problems is through routine preventive care appointments with your dentist and hygienist at least every six months.

“But I’ve Never Had Dental Problems Before!”

It’s true…a lot of people never experience dental problems because they’ve had great oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and good genetics. But like a pair of tires, even your teeth can start to wear out. Before you know it, everything seems to start breaking down at once, piling into what seems to be multiple dental visits, toothaches, or chipped teeth. Seeing a dentist regularly can help you avoid many of these issues, through the aid of things like preventive splints and early diagnosis.

Your Overall Health is at Play

Face it…as we age, many of us experience health related concerns or injuries that start to impact how active we can be or how good we feel. Medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, pneumonia, stroke, and even erectile dysfunction have all now been shown to have a direct correlation with the health of the mouth. Overlooked gum disease triggers an inflammatory response that makes it harder for your body to manage secondary infection. It also allows bacterial plaque to be respirated into the lungs or spread directly into your cardiovascular system.

Keeping your mouth healthy and free of disease isn’t just a novelty…it’s something that your entire health and level of wellness depends on!

Just Because Your Dad Wore Dentures Doesn’t Mean You Will

Losing your teeth and getting fitted for dentures is not an inevitable rite of passage. Baby Boomers have better access to dental care than their parents and grandparents did. Plus, dental technology has evolved into state-of-the-art treatments like implants, gum rejuvenation, and laser therapy.

Taking great care of your natural teeth can set you up for keeping them for life…really. The first thing you need to be doing is flossing every single day. Wrap the floss along the tooth, slide it up and down under the gums, lift it over the tissues and then repeat the process against the next tooth.

When you brush, tilt the brush head towards the gumlines, so that you can clean away plaque before it collects just under your gingiva. The healthier your gums are, the better chance you have of holding on to your natural teeth for the rest of your life.

Given the advanced treatment options and oral health education that your generation has experienced, dentures are typically a last resort for replacing missing teeth.

“I Lost My Dental Coverage When I Retired.”

Did you lose or change insurance when you retired from your job? Even if dental coverage isn’t a part of the plan that you’re enrolled in, your preventive care appointments are the ones that you can’t afford to skip. Thorough cleanings, exams, screenings, and diagnostic x-rays are there to allow your dentist to intercept issues when they’re smaller and more affordable to treat. Going without those visits twice a year could wind up costing you thousands and thousands of dollars a few years from now.

Like a lot of retirees, Baby Boomers just stop going to the dentist when they lose their dental coverage. Sometimes they go three, five, or even ten years. Before they know it, they feel something going on with one or more of their teeth. Unfortunately, by this point, the issue isn’t just a small one. It has become a complex issue that requires complex dental care.

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