How Much Does Cigna Dental Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Cigna Dental Insurance Cost?

Your Cigna dental insurance costs will depend on the type of plan that you enroll in. Each plan offered, just like your cable TV provider, has packages that include some things and exclude others. The tier you want to pay for will include the benefits in that package only.

Here’s a breakdown of the different dental savings plans Cigna offers and the costs associated with them:

Cigna Preventive Plan Starting at $19 per month
Cigna Dental 1000 Plan Starting at $30 per month
Cigna Dental 1500 Plan Starting at $35 per month

Is it Cheaper to Purchase Insurance Directly Through Cigna

Some people only need preventative care because they never or very rarely have dental problems. Cigna’s Dental Preventive plan purchased directly through their company for $19 a month and covers the basic services that you would receive during a checkup: your cleaning, exam, and limited X-rays. As long as you only visit a Cigna PPO in-network dentist, these services will be covered 100%. You can still receive benefits if you go out of network, but you’ll save the most when you see an in-network dentist. If you have a cavity, dental emergency, or need a root canal, those services are not covered.

Cigna’s Dental 1000 plan includes all of the previously mentioned benefits plus some coverage on restorative treatments like fillings, crowns, or root canals. If you didn’t have insurance before joining the plan, you’ll have to wait 6-12 months before the restorative benefits can be used. Prices for this plan start at $30 per month, per person, when you sign up through Cigna. The benefits cap out at $1,000 per year before they reset every January 1st.

For a few dollars more per month, Cigna’s Dental 1500 adds in orthodontic benefits of up to $1,000 (for a lifetime, not each year.) The 1500 plan provides up to $1,500 in treatment coverage after you’ve met your deductibles and co-pays.

Cheaper Cigna Dental Insurance Alternatives

Another option to consider is joining a dental savings plan or discount dental program offered by Cigna. For instance, the CIGNAPlus Savings plan is a discount dental program that provides immediate savings on dental care with no waiting periods and only costs $154.95 annually for individuals, or $199.95 for families. That’s less than $13-17 per month. You’ll save an average of 37% on most dental services plus enjoy additional savings on vision, hearing care, and wellness services such as fitness, nutrition, chiropractic care and massage.

Here’s a breakdown of the different dental savings plans Cigna offers and the costs associated with them:

Preferred Network Access by Cigna Starting at $124.95 per year
CIGNAPlus Savings Starting at $154.95 per year


The Preferred Network Access by CIGNA discount plan costs even less ($124.95 and $179.95 per year, respectively).  Preferred Network Access by CIGNA dental savings plan can save you an average of 37% on most dental services.

With Cigna discount dental plans, you can use your membership to see any participating dentist or specialist nationwide for treatment that you need, while receiving 15-50% off of your dental bill without co-pays, deductibles, or maximum allowable amounts.

That means a savings plan won’t cap out if you need more dental work than what a traditional Cigna plan will cover each year.

Private Insurance vs. Cigna Dental Plans

Carrying a conventional dental insurance plan with Cigna will mean specific benefits that you’re entitled to every year. You’ll know what you get; nothing more, nothing less. Your participating dentist will be able to tell you what your estimated payments are at the time of service. Anything that’s not covered under your plan, you’ll be responsible for paying for out-of-pocket after all of the claims are processed.

In contrast, a discount dental plan means no claims to process and no annual maximum benefit limits. You simply pay a participating dentist the reduced rate for plan members after receiving treatment. You don’t have to worry about exceeding your annual maximum spending limit, or having claims denied.

Doing the Math

Let’s say Mrs. Smith joins Cigna’s 1000 plan after going without insurance for several years. Her teeth feel fine. She makes a checkup appointment for a cleaning and while she’s there she finds out that her old filling replaced by a crown. It needs to happen fast, because the tooth is already starting to crack. Catching it early means she can avoid a root canal a few months down the road. Unfortunately, her plan has a waiting period (meaning a specific number of months have to pass before she’s covered for a crown.) The only option is to pay out of pocket for the entire thing, or gamble with hoping the tooth doesn’t break.

Now, let’s say Mrs. Smith has a Cigna dental plan. She makes her appointment and the dentist takes 15-50% off of each procedure. She’s able to go ahead and schedule her crown as soon as possible, because dental savings plans fully activate within 72-hours of joining. In the end, she saves money and avoids a potential dental emergency.

Learn More About How to Enroll in a Cigna Dental Discount Plan

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