How Much do Dentures Really Cost Without Insurance?

How Much do Dentures Really Cost Without Insurance?

Have you decided to finally invest in a new set of dentures to replace your missing or damaged teeth? If you’ve been suffering from ongoing dental issues because of a lack of insurance, you probably wonder how much you’ll be paying out of pocket to have a new set of dentures made to finally address the needs of your entire smile once and for all.

Like any other type of dental treatment, the cost of dentures can vary from one dental practice to the next. Depending on what part of the country you’re in and the cost of living in that area, the national average for a denture is somewhere around $1,300.

However, many different factors can impact whether your dentures cost more or less than this average price.

The Size of the Denture

Full dentures cover your entire arch, replacing all of the upper or lower teeth with one prosthesis. But partial denture designs are smaller, clasping into place around your remaining teeth and only replacing the ones that are missing (covering a smaller portion of your smile, hence the name, “partial.”) Which size you need will directly relate to the total cost. 

If You Need Any Extractions

Before you can wear a set of full dentures, any teeth that are still remaining in your arch will need to be extracted. The cost of your extractions is not built into the fee for the denture, but is rather billed out separately. This additional procedure will affect your overall cost of treatment.

Some people prefer to have “same day” interim dentures placed on the date of their extraction. This healing type of prosthesis is not meant to be a permanent denture that you’ll keep forever. As your mouth heals, the bone anatomy under the gums will start to slightly change in shape. When it does, the denture you’re wearing will not fit the same as it did on the date of your extraction, and issues such as rubbing, or rocking can start to cause discomfort. After you’ve fully healed following your extractions, the denture will either need to be relined to fit better or be replaced with a more permanent denture design.

The Type of Denture Material Used

There are a number of different “tiers” of denture quality that patients can select from. Your dentist may only offer one or two, but in the field of dentistry there are several choices. If you’re going for an economical option, choose a dentist who offers such a service. More cosmetically pleasing designs are available, but at a higher out of pocket cost.

Some dentures are made of different grades of acrylic, while others feature porcelain for a more aesthetic appearance. With partials, the base design may change between a metal frame or acrylic, depending on your preferences and where the prosthesis is to be worn in your mouth.

Based on what your budget is, choose a dentist whose vision is in tune with your financial goals and overall denture design. Selecting a “budget” dental office will usually mean the dentures are crafted from more affordable materials, but the prosthesis may not last as long or look as good as you want it to. These are all things that should be kept in mind before selecting your dental provider.

Implant Anchored or Stabilized Denture Designs

Finally, are you planning to wear a conventional (and removable) denture, or would you rather have one that’s anchored on top of dental implants? With a permanent implant denture, at least four implants are placed into the jaw and your prosthesis is affixed to them in a way that only your dentist can remove it. Removable overdentures are like regular plates that snap onto as few as two implants, for added security and stability throughout the day.

Implant supported, and stabilized denture designs cost more than traditional plates, because additional implant placement and costs are involved.

Ask for a Cigna Discount or Payment Plan

For people without dental insurance, most dentists will offer a courtesy discount somewhere around 5% if the treatment is paid for in full, by cash, at the time of service. 3rd party financing may also be available to budget the treatment on a month-to-month basis.

Or, you could join a Cigna discount dental plan to take the place of an insurance policy, saving 15-50% off your denture and other necessary treatments. At Cigna Dental Plans, we work with dentists nation-wide to provide routine care, dentures, implants, and more at an affordable rate to their patients.

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