I Can’t Afford to Go to The Dentist

I Can’t Afford to Go to The Dentist


Right there — you’ve felt it again — that jolting feeling in the side of your mouth. You’re eating your lunch when suddenly you feel a sharp jolt in your tooth. You think it might be the one that hurt last week, but you aren’t sure. Instead, you secretly try to ignore it and just hope that it goes away. Why? Because you can’t afford to go to the dentist.

Putting Off Dental Care Can Cost You

If there’s one thing that every dentist will tell you: dental problems don’t go away on their own. Even supposed “DIY cavity reversal” that you find on social media pages are not what they appear. One thing is true: tooth decay doesn’t heal itself. Rather, it spreads deeper into the tooth, or can even “jump” to adjacent teeth. The only “reversal” that you’ll ever see is when the surface layer of demineralized enamel (early decay) is remineralized and not at risk of a cavity any longer.

Why is a small cavity a big problem? Because a tiny area of decay is relatively simple and affordable to fix. But an abscessed tooth will need a root canal and a crown, which more than triples the cost of your treatment if you’re going without dental insurance.

The sooner your tooth is fixed, the cheaper it actually is to afford.

“But I Don’t Have Insurance.”

Some dentists will offer cash discounts if you’re paying in full, out of pocket, at the time of your service. It depends on where you live, and you would need to arrange this with your dentist before the procedure. The most reliable option would be to enroll in an affordable dental insurance plan so that you can get immediate access to benefits and discounts, without having to wait.

Most dental insurance plans will cover your preventive cleanings and exams at 100%, allowing you to see a dentist twice a year without paying extra. These regular visits allow your dentist to pinpoint areas of concern before they have a chance to turn into large cavities — or worse — loss of your tooth.

If you do need treatment, the insurance plan will cover a set percentage (usually 50-80%) of the procedure, depending on what type it is. That way you’re paying less at the time of the service than you would if you didn’t have insurance at all.

Just Pull Your Tooth — Isn’t it Cheaper?

All of that trying to wait out your toothache has turned into a nightmare. What used to wear off within a few minutes has turned into stabbing pain that has lasted all day long. The only thing you can think to do is find a dentist and use your credit card to get the tooth pulled ASAP.

While this is a “fast fix” it can lead to additional issues down the road. Now you’re not only embarrassed by a missing tooth, but your other teeth are starting to move and shift because of the extra space. If you wore braces in the past, the investment is slowly drifting away. What you need at this point is a bridge or dental implant. That “cheap extraction” wound up being a more complex process that you have no option but to pay for.

Instead, your dentist could help to fix the tooth, so that it’s salvageable. The longer you’re able to keep your natural teeth healthy, the better it is for your overall dental health. Plus, it can save you thousands of dollars in restorative treatment later on.

Get Ready to Smile Again

The best — and most affordable — thing that you can do for your tooth and your wallet is to see a dentist right away. Don’t dull the pain with medications or home remedies, because they just won’t fix the problem. Call a family dentist in your area for a same day emergency appointment to tackle dental concerns when they’re easier and cheaper to manage. We’re happy to provide you with a list of dentists who accept Cigna near you.

Finding the Best Dental Insurance for Your Budget

At CignaDentalPlans.com, we can work with you to find an affordable dental savings plan that fits your budget and is accepted by a family dentist in your hometown. With your plan, you can save 15-50% on your dental care. Just contact us to get started. We’re happy to answer any questions that you have.

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