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What is a Dental Overlay and Why Would I Need One?

  While “overlay” isn’t a specific dental treatment, the term is sometimes used interchangeably with different types of procedures available in your dental office. Some are restorative, rebuilding areas of […]

Periodontics Explained

  What do “gum disease,” “periodontitis,” and “periodontal disease” all have in common? They’re different terms used to describe an infection within the soft tissues and bone around your teeth. […]

Top 5 Senior Dental Problems and Solutions

  In dentistry, it’s not uncommon to see people have beautiful healthy teeth and then struggle to keep their smiles healthy once they become a senior. One of the biggest […]

8 Reasons Senior Dental Health Care is Important

  With the right preventive and therapeutic care, most people can care for their teeth so that their smile lasts a lifetime. When you retire, it’s no different. Your dental […]

How Can Diabetes Effect My Future Visits With the Dentist?

  Did you know that being a diabetic could cause you to develop significant dental problems without you even realizing it? As such, it’s vital that people with diabetes see […]

What Can My Dental Insurance Cover?

  Your dental insurance is there to help you keep your family’s smiles healthy and provide some financial relief when unexpected oral health needs pop up. Contrary to what most […]

Understanding Your Dental Insurance Coverage

  If you’ve ever found yourself getting frustrated with your dentist’s office, it might have had something to do with the type of coverage you have through your dental insurance. […]

Saving On Your Next Dental Visit

  Have you ever asked your friend how much their dentist charged for a certain type of a treatment? Whether you’re trying to search online or find someone local who […]

5 Tips on Affording Dental Care After Retirement

  Congratulations on retiring! If you’re like most new retirees, you’re reassessing your budget and making changes in daily (and annual) expenses to fit your fixed income. One thing that […]

6 Questions You Should Ask your Dental Hygienist

  When you book your next dental cleaning, you may have a pretty lengthy list of questions to ask your dentist. But, your hygienist is a great person to start […]

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