Dental Care Articles

Are Fillings Usually Covered By Insurance?

  If you need to have a cavity filled, you can feel confident that most dental fillings are covered under dental insurance.   That being said, it’s not a full 100% […]

Common Dental Concerns People Ignore

  Many small medical conditions are simply temporary inconveniences. A skinned knee, sore muscle, scratchy throat and other minor maladies often don’t require a trip to the doctor’s office. Instead, […]

How to Get Treatment Without Dental Insurance

  Everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile. Unfortunately, dental care costs keep many people from visiting a dentist on a regular basis.   Dental insurance helps make dental care affordable for […]

Compare Dental Insurance and Choose the Right Plan

  Does this sound familiar? You want a bright, healthy smile. You’re not particularly afraid of the dentist – or, at least, you can tolerate regular visits. But you’re just […]

Average Cost of Teeth Cleaning Without Insurance

  The best way to prevent dental problems tomorrow is to take care of your teeth today. Aside from regular brushing and flossing, you’ll also want to visit your dentist […]

9 Overlooked Oral Health Facts You Need to Know

  White teeth and fresh breath are wonderful. But appearance is only one aspect of a healthy mouth. True oral health goes beyond simply having a great smile. Oral health […]

How to Take Care Of Your Dental Crown

  Just like your natural teeth, dental crowns and other types of restorations should be cared for as if they were a real tooth. After all, they’re now a permanent […]

How Do Dentists Treat Tooth Decay?

  A cavity can put a real damper in your smile. Whether it causes you embarrassment, prevents you from eating the food that you love, or simply hurts, the best […]

Your Best Smile: Five Things You Need to Do Now

  Your smile is an important accessory that you wear every single day. For it to look its best, you have to take great care of it on a routine […]

What is the Best Type of Dental Insurance for Me?

  When it comes to buying into a new dental insurance plan, you want to be sure that you’re getting the most for your money. Not only that, but you […]

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