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Common Dental Injuries and How to Manage (or Avoid) Them

Have you ever wondered what the most common types of dental emergencies and injuries are? When it comes to treating toothaches and urgent situations, here are some of the more […]

Frequent Orthodontic Emergencies for People Wearing Braces

Aside from the normal intermittent soreness that comes along with wearing braces, there are  three types of “emergencies” that an orthodontic patient might experience during their course of treatment. Brackets […]

What are the Cheapest Ways to Prevent Dental Problems?

Perhaps the most important rule regarding oral health is this: Don’t let minor problems go unattended. Otherwise, they’re likely to turn into major issues. Treatment for extensive dental problems can […]

How to Stop Being Afraid of the Dentist

Pretty much everybody has at least one major fear. Heights, small spaces, snakes and spiders are common. Ideally, you can live your life generally avoiding what makes you afraid. But […]

How to Prepare for Oral Surgery

If you’re planning on an upcoming surgical treatment with your dentist, you’ve likely spent a lot of time deciding whether or not to move forward with the procedure and may […]

5 Basic Rules to Maintain Good Oral Health

It takes good habits and healthy choices to make sure you’re doing the best to care for yourself. Like any other part of your body, your smile is no different. […]

Drinking Soda is Bad for Your Teeth. Here Are Some Reasons Why

Dentists and hygienists say it all the time: “Don’t drink so much soda.” Or, they ask you not to drink it at all. You know they have your best interests […]

What To Do If You Have A Loose Or Displaced Tooth

Getting knocked in the mouth could happen just about any time. An elbow during a basketball game, toddler’s head jolting back while they’re sitting in your lap, or an accidental […]

How Can Poor Oral Health Cause Heart Disease in Seniors?

The older we get, the more obvious it is to start to see the impact our age has on the different parts of our body. From joint discomfort to bone […]

Should I Take an Antibiotic Before a Dental Procedure?

Medical guidelines regarding pre-medicating dental patients with antibiotics fluctuate from year-to-year. Antibiotic prophylaxis (pre-medicating to prevent infection) is currently recommended for specific situations involving certain surgeries and underlying health conditions. […]

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